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Training and support for professionals

Poppies Psychological Therapies welcomes all professionals

You can't pour from an empty cup!!!

Creative Clinical Supervision 

Clinical supervision is available for all professionals that work within the caring profession, health and social care, education, support workers, counsellors or therapists. This is a great opportunity for professionals to reflect on their practice, explore complex systems, and be supported with theoretical knowledge, experience and understanding. By using an integrative creative approach, metaphor and symbols are used to bridge into the unconscious world to explore new possibilities within a safe learning environment. The purpose of supervision is to enable safe and ethical practice in which clients are protected, but also to ensure that professionals have capacity to continue to learn, explore, grow and provide high quality services to those they work with. All practice is held in confidence within the BACP ethical framework. 


Rebound through play was originally designed to help educators learn the importance of play through a neurobiological lens as well as managing their own level of tolerance to distress as children made their way back into the classrooms following a considerable period of home learning during Covid19. Since then this training has been adapted and modified to meet the needs of other professionals such as social workers, family support workers and those working in child mental health.

Please do get in touch for further information of how we can best support you and your staff team.

Training and support for professionals: Welcome
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